Let the thought of being with someone tomorrow give you the strength to go on today.


I believe that there is immeasurable power in love and that true love can endure any circumstance and reach across any distance

This piece is dedicated to Osasere my darling friend whom I hope to meet soonest and to every single one out there struggling with long distance relationships. Thank you for taking out time to reach out and for the questions on long distance relationships you sent. Certainly and without doubt, you are thinking of getting into one or you are already in it. I am by no means a relationship coach and you may not like what I say but I think, Grace found me and I remain humbled and I am willing to be here anytime. Hopefully this will help others as well.

 Relax, grab a seat and a glass of red wine- hahah it keeps your senses intact and let’s make this moment count. Meanwhile, you are loved beyond words and may the Lord bless you all the way.

Distance is not for the fearful but for the bold,

 It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love,

It’s for those knowing a good thing when they see it even when they don’t see it nearly enough.

Absence is to love as wind is to fire,

It extinguishes the small and kindles the great.

Then I cried:

O wind and the clouds blow to where my loved one is,

Touch him then come visit me too for I will feel it deep through you

And meet his beauty in the sun and moon,

These things are much and more for the one who loves,

I sure can live with them alone that He and I breathe the same air and that the earth we tread upon is one


True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.

At one moment or the other in your relationship, you will realize this, one person has to move maybe because of school, a job or an opportunity and you both will certainly have to deal with it or lose it. Also, it may just happen that you both live in different cities or countries and we often times, think that long distance relationships are dead sentences but in essence, they are not although they can be frustrating sometimes.

Love knows no distance nor continent because, its eyes are for the stars.

Osasere my darling and others out there; you and your partner must:

  1. Believe in your relationship and believe that the other person is amazing. This comes with patience and trust and you must take a leap of faith with rules and boundaries:

Love will only travel as far as you let it. It has no limits.

  • Schedule things to look forward to and work towards your future goals: Plan on your future activities, Plan on seeing each other. You both can decide to save up money for one person’s flight tickets. This in essence shows devotion and commitment: One day, just one day, the plane tickets will be one way.

Missing someone gets easier every day because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will.

For me, I usually fall in love with that one special person when we are together but even deeper when we are apart.

  • Communicate your fears and your frustrations and don’t blame each other. Basically, learn to let it out at all times because:

Distance has the ability to break bonds, trust and push us further away from each other emotionally and it’s not okay till it’s okay – Let out the hard feelings.

  • Being on the same page allows you know when to drop messages and when to call and it also helps avoid assumptions. It’s really not possible to reach out to each other spontaneously at the same time but make out time for each other because:

Assumptions are the termites of relationships.

 Let each other in on your daily activities and share those moments of joy by taking pictures, sending details of where you are just so it brightens their day and gives them something to think about and hold on to.

  • I certainly love this: Doing things together. Of course, you wished u hugged him/her every day but hey, that’s not possible and you must adapt yourself to it with joy by doing things together even when you are apart. Thank God for all the social media platforms. So, watch a movie together online, play online games, listen to the same music at the same time and above all never forget to pray together on phone and then relax and talk about it. Darling this is basically it:

-Relationships are not made in heaven. It takes support and if you asked me how many times that one special person crossed my mind, I’d say once because he never really left.

-The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when it’s finally here because anything worth having is always worth the wait.

  • Above all, embrace your own independence and focus on you: Build your own life and know that it’s okay for them to build theirs. Invest in yourself and don’t put yourself on hold. Step out, have fun but know at the back of your mind that there is someone out there.

For me, that one person’s picture is my screensaver on my phone so every time I swipe it open, I definitely know am looking at it and am not taking it down for anything in the world. You can do same- chuckling

I basically love hitting the gym every day after a busy day in the court room defending people or seeing a client and I invest in myself by doing that while being independent and focused.

  • Having an end to the distance is key for you both. This gives you both hope to know that one day there will be no distance. It could be your wedding date, your engagement date or just something that makes you both hold on to.

My darling Osasere your name means God is Supreme and I love it so much because He is Supreme to have directed your path to that relationship or that particular person but hey, long distance relationships can be hard but it’s also incredibly amazing if you want it to be. This is also for someone out there struggling with this. I’m letting you in on my secret and I do hope it helps:

When you love someone from a distance, you are able to love them forever when you are together because every mile between you both is worth it. When you feel like giving up, remember why you’ve held on for this long. You didn’t get to this point to make a U-turn.

Never measure the distance but measure the love and let the thought of being with that one person tomorrow give you the strength to go on today.

This is a gift from me to you. Pen it down to that one special person via text or e-mail and you will be grateful you did.

I would rather spend time away from you and be able to still laugh with you, see you when I can, and live a happy life with you, than not see you at all for eternity. You bring so much joy to my life that I would never have experienced without you. One day, when the distance between us closes up and we can permanently wake up to each other for the rest of our lives, we will look back at this part and be glad that we went through this struggle together because the prize in the end: having you, is oh so worth it and I won’t trade that for anything in the world not even in the finest gold.

I’ll see you soon, and I can’t wait.


That special one with love even from miles and miles away.

I hope this helps you go through that long distance relationship with Joy and Hope in God. I pray the Almighty God blesses you both as you make it worthwhile and in every sacrifice you put into it through the precious name of our Savior Jesus. AMEN.  I do hope to know how it gets along darling (links are below). Best of luck and my prayers are always with you darling.

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With Love….

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Genesis 24: 12-23

When God is ready for you to move, He will make your situation uncomfortable but you need obedience; it is the key ingredient in living out God’s plan for you.

As always, if you are new to the team: Welcome sweetheart and I love you. Go grab a seat and a glass of red wine. Hahaha. It keeps the senses intact. If you’ve been here for a while and are part of the team, I love you for a day plus one and more and It is my sincere prayer that as you read this, God will open incredible doors for your life this month and you will live fulfilling your glorious destiny and purpose in Jesus’ name. AMEN.


Genesis 24 tells the story of Abraham instructing his servant to go scouting for a wife for his son Isaac. However, Abraham did not want a wife from the daughters of Canaan where he dwelt but rather from his own country and from his family. With this, the servant was on a long journey.  At the well, he made a prayer:

 “Behold here I stand by the well of water and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water. Now let it be that the young woman to whom I say, ‘Please let down your pitcher that I may drink’ and  she says, ‘drink and I will also give your camels a drink’- let her be the one you have appointed for your servant Isaac and by this I will know that you have shown kindness to my master”.

It was at the well that Abraham’s servant found the right wife for Isaac.


If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.

Your purpose and vision in life will only meet you at the WELL. The well symbolizes the presence of God and if your purpose has to match your vision then your footsteps have to be ordered to the well.

Abraham’s servant didn’t want someone who will give him water. He needed someone who will give him and his camel water. He needed someone whose vision and purpose in life could match that of Isaac and indeed, God heard him right.

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it and this can only be achieved at the well.

Couple of years back, I had just come out from this mind draining set back I was facing and could barely think straight- giggling. I’m basically not that type of person who ventures into stuffs without purpose and vision but this one – hmmmm God needed it to end. In seeking the face of God for other things, I just needed to move out of my town and perhaps my country. I wasn’t sure I heard God on that but deep within me, I needed to move out or may be relocate to allow myself heal from within and without and for the scars to equally fade away faster and I know God spoke to me at the WELL.

If a door closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.

My purpose and vision for my life at that time may not be what God wanted for me but I finally found peace in what I called “God’s purpose for my life” which is line with my everyday vision as I grow older and has transformed me to the lady I am today. Guys listen up- This was not planned; as I was going through a lot at that particular moment. The only thing worth remembering is the fact that I sat at the WELL for a long time and didn’t even notice that evening had gradually slipped in but the good thing was that I did say some prayers which turned out to be open doors. One of the best decisions God guided me in making and above all, the gift of an amazing friend who has stood the test of time and whose life has greatly affected mine positively and not even distance can tear us apart  because we are simply a direct message or an e-mail away (story for another day- chuckling).

If you create a vision for your life, doors will certainly open because without execution, vision becomes hallucination.

As you tarry at the well, make sure your vision is God’s vision because the only way you’re going to reach places you’ve never gone is; if you trust God’s direction to do things you’ve never done.


It was not in the normal tradition for Abraham’s servant to ask water from a woman more so, that the lady will equally feed his camels- Revelations:

Life will require you to associate with people who fit into your purpose and vision and who can help you feed your vision spiritually, mentally and with a helping hand. Individuals who in carrying water from the well will equally assist you feed your vision and purpose.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Abraham’s servant left with a vision and purpose which was to get a wife from Abraham’s country and from his family. With this vision and purpose in mind, he knew what he wanted from the beginning. While at the well, others did not see a possibility of a decent girl coming to the well at that hour of the day but to him, He knew what he wanted- Vision.

Staying at the well will require you to have a strong purpose and vision because: If you don’t have a vision and purpose you’re going to be stuck in what you know and the only thing you know is what you’ve already seen.

I often times tell people this: Find friends who can carry the same vision and purpose with you because in the long run, your vision and innermost circle will determine how far you run. Abraham was old and could not carry his vision with him so he needed a helper to do it. Interestingly, he had many servants but he designated such a heavy task to that specific servant because the guy had proven himself.

Most times, sitting at the well can be really tedious but worry not your heart because: The price of God’s presence is time. Abraham’s servant had to wait at the well till it was that hour meant for carrying water. It was in this period of waiting that he found someone who matched Isaac’s purpose and vision.


It is my prayer and desire that at the WELL, you will find purpose and vision with these in mind:

  1. Knowing your life purpose is the first step towards living a truly conscious life because a life of purpose provides you with a clear distinct goal and a set finish line that you truly want.
  2. We all have our purpose and vision in life and when we find it, we will definitely recognize it but this cannot be done if we do not tarry at the well.
  3. You must first have the sense and consciousness of God’s possession of you before you have the sense of His presence all over you.
  4. Silence is the room you must create for searching God. It is where you will hear his voice and follow. Abraham’s servant took a moment of silence to say a prayer which navigated his path to finding the right purpose and vision for Isaac. I have often times had to take a few steps backwards and go sit at the well. It is at this very moment that I have realized that:  If we are faithless, He is faithful, for He cannot deny himself and He certainly hears us.
  5. As you develop intimacy with God, the supernatural becomes natural. God’s vision becomes His provision.

The servant was troubled because he had a heavy duty on his shoulder. In finding our purpose and in seeking the right path to what we want, we all get shivers and feel insecure. Calm down sweetheart and take a deep breath:

Peace is certainly not the absence of trouble but the presence of Christ.

It is my sincere and earnest prayer that God will direct you to the right people in your life to help you fulfill your purpose and vision. With the help of heaven, I decree and declare that anything which has made you lose your purpose, vision and direction in life be taken away from you and the right things be quicken to your door step in Jesus name- AMEN.  God will draw you closer to him to fulfill your glorious destiny and even as you sit at the Well, all that you wish for be made available to you. The lord will fight for you and you will hold your peace in the ever precious and prevailing name of our father Jesus Christ AMEN.

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Things can’t get worse than they already are. It only keeps getting better.

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Transform a random lonely walk into a chase.

You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about and by recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of that person you wish to be. If you are new to the team, welcome baby but first go grab a glass of red wine….hahaha. Now this is it:

Most times, goals transform a random lonely walk into a chase. Don’t go about waiting for someone to tap you on the shoulder and say “well done sweet heart”. You must at all times make your goals known and pro actively develop your relationship with those that can help you attain them either in the form of mentors, prayer partners or sponsors.
People with goals succeed because they know where they’re headed and if you go to work on your goals, your goals will work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good thing you build ends up building you at the end.
The height of your goals should not hold you in awe, though you may stumble often before they are reached.
Decide who you are and what your goals entail then go for the roses. Life has little regard for those who waste time.
Success most times is a steady progress towards one’s personal goals.
My current goal is to be the person I most want to be.

#what is your goal #

Put your future in good hands – your own hands then turn to God in prayer for speed.

Let God grant you the peace and quiet you need to turn your thinking into goals and then achieve them because with him all things are possible.

Free to leave a message and join the team (links are below) Things can’t get worse than they are already. You can achieve and you must achieve.

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Queen of Sheba (A real queen and a King)


1ST KINGS 1O: 1-13

If I’ll ever have a daughter (which I pray the lord for someday), I’ll teach her that beauty is found in no beauty salons or fitness centers but beauty lays in those thoughts she chooses to fill her mind with.

I’ll teach her that she was born free and no one has the power to prevent her from flying or taking a stand.

I’ll want her to know that love is no fancy dates or morning texts but that love is all about feeling safe, making efforts and respect.

I’ll teach her that pride, confidence and service to the Lord are the most glorious things she will ever wear.

As always, grab a seat and a glass of red wine- hahaa it keeps your senses intact.  If you are new to the team- welcome sweetheart.  Let’s all get this straight- the kings are not left out in this – relax, take a deep breath and let’s chat.

There are only 13 verses that speak of the Queen of Sheba: An intelligent, independent and strong woman, well versed in dealing with other kingdoms and people. Successful and honored by her “Queendom”, strong in a uniquely feminine way, confident in her own abilities without being haughty and above all, she offered praised to the Lord acknowledging his sovereignty and wisdom he bestowed on men.


When Queen Sheba heard of the might and wisdom of King Solomon, she carried her gold and ivories and went to visit him. It is recorded that her entourage accompanied her and king Solomon sat still waiting for her arrival.  As a real queen, you have to carry your gold and not dig in the gold of others.

 When in a relationship or about to get married, carry your gold, come with business ideas, positive plans and  cheque books, come with certificates and not makeup to add up to the kings already acquired wealth in order to build your home. Let me say this real queens:

Only a king can attract a queen and only a queen can keep a king focused.

Real queens check what drives a man and not what a man drives. A real queen wants to know where a man is going to in life and not where he is coming from.  A real queen wants to know what lives in a man and not where he lives because the size of your vision determines the purpose in you:

When you are a real queen, there is absolutely no reason in trying to make people believe that you are because, you just are.

Life is lived with grace, courage and sincerity. If you must dedicate any amount of time and mental ability in making anyone believe that you are one, then you’re not.

When Queen Sheba met with King Solomon, she challenged him with difficult questions to test his ability as a king. My kings, get this:

A great woman is going to challenge you. Not a single thing about her is going to be easy. She is going do so to bring out the KING in you.

 Often times, travelling from the East to the South is wearisome and for a queen who didn’t take a flight (because during the days of Sheba, there were no air planes) it was really a hectic one with all the gold and entourage- Phewwwww. Yet she showed a great level of strength despite the obstacles on her way. She must have met with robbers and raiders considering the amount of gold and wealth she carried. Now, to my queens, this is it:

Some women are built with fire yet there are some that are the fire,

Even when she’s dethroned by hardship, she still wears the sun as a crown.

Learn to wear a crown at all times because as a queen, you only live life once and if you walk it right, once is just enough


You must summon courage to say this at all times: You think I look like a queen from the outside. Well, I can assure you that on the inside, I’m the entire kingdom

Ladies, don’t feel bad if someone rejects you. People often times reject expensive things because they can’t afford them and you must prove them wrong. Hey listen sweetheart, a few tips:

Think highly of yourself because the world takes you at your own estimate.

If you decide to do something, do it well and leave an impact of wealth that will cause people to stare.

Be a woman in business and not a woman in everyone’s business.

Kings, please don’t go around dumping a queen or making her feel less a queen because she failed at some point or because you think “she didn’t meet up with your required expectations”. Apparently, you will be needing her soonest because:

Destruction wasn’t when you choose to destroy her, it was when she let you but you can’t break a queen off a pedestal she built herself because she is her own queen of movement.


After listening to the wisdom of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba recognized the supremacy of God by rendering sincere praise to Him for such wisdom and wealth He bestowed on an ordinary man. Like the Queen of Sheba, the life of a real queen is a life of constant thanksgiving and praise to God for bringing you thus far and in doing so, you will experience peace like a river and blessings without end.

A final note to my real queens which is something I tell myself every morning:

  • I’m building a brand and I am too busy to notice any other thing except my queendom.
  • I am a queen because I know how to govern myself and I only roll with goddesses.

To the men who aspire to be kings: I have lots of men in my life ( don’t get that wrong) and I want them to be KINGS so I let them know this at all times and now am letting you into them as well:

You have forgotten who you are and also you have forgotten me. Look inside yourself, you are more than what you have become and you must take your place in the circle of life.

  • Forget relationships, let the queen know you want a partnership so you build an empire together in love. In essence, be a boss, date a boss, build an EMPIRE
  • Invest in your queen when she fails sometimes, encourage her to stand up as she will move in ways a king can’t.
  • A king can’t be a king without the strength of his queen.
  • God doesn’t give the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. He creates the toughest soldiers for the hardest battles.

It is my earnest prayer that as a woman you become a real queen not a slay queen. May you find strength and courage at all times. Like queen Sheba, Heaven will deposit wealth at your feet as you serve the Lord earnestly. Your service to God will lead you to men with vision and purpose. To the men: May the Lord give you everything he gave to King Solomon and more. As you stand to speak as the head, a king will be seen. The Lord will uplift and perfect all that concerns you. Your kingdom and empire will not lack. Kings and queens will travel from within and without to reckon with you. Above all, your career and business will prosper as you serve the Lord and you will find a real queen in the ever precious and prevailing name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Feel free to leave a message and join the team ( links are found below). Kings and queens, things can’t get worse than they already are, it keeps getting better because a flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, IT JUST BLOSSOMS.

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With love…LINA OBEN (Mayowa)


Matthew 13: 25

“But while men slept,his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way”

Hey guys, if you expecting to see an enemy stand with horns and a long tail, you sure going to wait for eternity. Enemies are real and not some fiction but before we get things right, pause for a while- Laughing. Join the team by grabbing a real good seat and a glass of red wine: It keeps the senses intact. Now this is it- Revelations.

Know your enemy more than he does himself because enemies were the friends you thought you had until they stabbed you in the back.


Matthew 13:25 records that a certain man had toiled and planted wheat (some really fine grains) and while he slumbered at night, the enemy came in and sowed weeds among his fine grains- blue. There is something about the night most people don’t know:

It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win victory unless you dare to battle. For it is while men slumbered that life changing decisions are made and the destinies of men are altered.

A night time enemy is one who waits for you to build a house and just when you are about to put the rooftop, he ruins it. An enemy of the night waits for you after several years of bareness and when the Lord remembers you with a child, you have a miscarriage.

The night time enemy waits for your father to send you to the best schools and just when you get a job in that dream company and your father is meant to enjoy the profits of his labor, he strikes him with a deadly disease. – THE ENEMY OF THE NIGHT.


I pray with the help of heaven that any enemy of the night in your life, Any man who has sworn that you will not fulfill your glorious destiny shall face the wrath of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray that heaven will shield you and guard you from the enemy of the night. You will not labor in vain, your sweat and pains shall not go in vain. In the mighty name of Jesus…Amen.

Basically guys and without mixing words, the night time is a time for battle. You must be willing to fight in prayers. These enemies don’t pity you when dealing with you so, in fighting them, you must be aggressive and violent in prayers.

Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. Hence, every night time warrior has to be a “mad man”- Be crazy in prayer.

I pray the Lord for insight for us to understand that which needs to be understood. For without understanding, you cannot fight.

Friends may come and go but enemies accumulate.

The enemy of the night may not necessarily be someone who knows you or who is your friend. To me, an enemy is an enemy. Let be digress a little.  There are different types of enemies:

  • Household enemies ( people who dine with you but yet kill you in the back):

Better fifty enemies outside the house than one within.

  • Competitive enemies (this one wants to be everything you are. Someone who competes with you on every level even when there is nothing to compete about) – guys, be careful.
  • Night time enemies
  • Destiny and dream killers (Be careful who you tell your dreams and aspirations to) Not everyone operates in the same dimension as you. You may think you are sharing a dream with someone not knowing a platform for jealousy is been created.

Friends ask you questions; enemies question you….BEWARE


It is my prayer and desire that as you journey through life, every arrow that is shot at you by an enemy will turn to an arrow of miracle and any man who wishes you evil will feel the wrath of God. May the blood of Jesus speak for you in every aspect of your life and may the powerful hand of God, keep you save. God will increase you in your prayer life and teach how to deal with the enemy of the night in the name of Jesus. The lord will fight for you at all times and you will hold your peace in the prevailing and powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen

To conquer our enemies, we must dare and dare again, and dare again forever; and this can only be done in violent prayers.

Feel free to leave a message. Kindly share and join the team. It can’t get worse than it already is, it keeps getting better. God is still on the throne sweetheart.

With love…LINA OBEN (Mayowa)


1ST Samuel 1:1-20

The story of Hannah in the bible is one of my favorite and in fact, one cannot study the bible without not noticing this story. The most attention-grabbing thing to me here is the fact that Hannah requested for something which to me was no ordinary request- hmmmm. As always, grab a seat and some red wine then relax and let the chat unfold. – Red wine is good for the soul just because it keeps my senses intact- chuckling.

Waking up at about 3 am this morning and just laying in bed, I wanted to talk to someone but who? I picked up my phone and noticing the time, I said “Lord, I want something but I don’t even know what?” a silent voice said ” Ask for something, anything big and it will be done”. Anything big- chuckling. blank cheque.

Asking big things often start with small things

It’s no news that Mrs Elkanah(Hannah) was barren. Though barren, her husband loved her and that is why he would give her double portion of whatever he gave the other wife. Well, to me that was favor (Hannah means Favor or Grace). Grace and favor is what will cause a man to give a barren woman double serving of everything he gave a woman who had kids. Let me pause and do what I love doing:

I pray with the help of Heaven that men and women will give you double portion of everything you ask for even when you don’t deserve it. The favor of God will speak for you and those things that seem difficult to get will walk right in front of you because of God’s grace. In Jesus name. AMEN.


Penniah who was Hannah’s maid always guffawed at her in a way that could make one commit suicide. I actually loved this because it pushed Hannah to go to Shiloh and she must have said these words to herself:

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Truth is, if people don’t laugh at you then you won’t get to your terminal.

Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get but we forget to know that our current circumstances are part of our redemption story He is writing.

At Shiloh she did ask God for something “…and not forget your maidservant but give your maid servant a male child then I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life and no razor shall come upon his head…” This got to me.

Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night


I asked the lord “why a male child and why not a boy child”, “Why a promise attached to it”. – Revelations

There is a difference between a boy child and a male child. Before you start wondering. Hannah knew what she wanted:

– A male child not a boy child. She wanted something big otherwise she would have told God: I need a boy child but her words were so clear: A MALE CHILD which was backed with a strong promise on her part.

– A male child carries strength from birth and is extraordinary, a boy child needs to grow in wisdom before becoming a male child and not all boy children are male children. (Things of the spirit are understood by few). I pray the Lord for insight so you understand.


In life, you need to ask God for the impossible and when doing so, back it up with a promise. Promises are bonds and when God fulfills his part of the bargain, like Hannah, fulfill yours. In doing so, God knows “she wasn’t joking when she said those words”. I have been a testimony to this severally.

She bore a male child Samuel who later ministered to thousands. Thank God for persevering in prayer. This is for you:

All things are difficult before they are easy and for you to triumph, prayer time must be kept up as duly as meal time.

What keeps a man is to take a step then another step and this is done in the war room- The place of prayer

As you voyage through life and ask God for things, it is my prayer that you ask God for the impossible in the eyes of men. Ask him for big things in faith. The lord will surely say this when he meets you at Heaven’s gate with a smile:

You prayed so big and so often, “Kid you kept me busy”.

As you start the day,it is my earnest prayer that whatever you ask God for during this lent season and as you journey with Christ to the cross, may it be answered in a hurry. May the angels of the Lord guard and keep you to see the manifestations of your prevailing and earnest prayer in the ever precious and mighty name of our father Jesus. The lord will keep fighting for you always and you will hold your peace. In Jesus Name…  Amen.


Our prayer may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble but since the power of prayer is in the one who hears and the one who says it, our prayer does make a difference.

Feel free to leave a message. Kindly share and join the team. It can’t get worse than it already is, it keeps getting better. Hang in there, God heard you and a miracle is on the way.

With love…LINA OBEN (Mayowa)


I’ve seen beauty in the people that were called ugly and I’ve seen the devil in the most angelic faces. The world is literally full of monsters with friendly faces and angels full of scars- The mirror tells no lies

It rained all through the night and there was thunder in the early hours of the morning and as I struggled to get to work, We took the path that led others nowhere and all we could see was a light at the end of the tunnel. They warned us about the monsters we could encounter and laughed when we got bruised and got scars while fighting the dragons on our way.

We emerged out of the tunnel holding the golden scepter they had always wanted: tightly and fiercely in our hands, bleeding as the sun beamed on our faces. We became they tales they wanted to be, the reflections they always wanted to see themselves through and the warriors they had always dreamt of. This words came to me:

I literally can’t keep writing about just the rainbows, sunshine and those calm oceans because all that thunder, dark skies, pain and chaos have a sense of beauty to behold- The moment my pen starts bleeding from the same end where stars are built, all I can do is sit in silence and witness how it starts placing the darkest demons around the same paradise it had built till now.

As always, you sure gonna need some red wine for this. Writing has always been a therapy for me because when life cuts me, I bleed on paper.

It’s still early morning and still that time when it’s dark yet you know the day is coming. Blue skies are bleeding through the dark and the stars are gently dying. My alarm tells me its 4 am and I can’t still remember how my voice sounds anymore. That’s what I was: broken pottery, patched up with gold. The gold shimmering through the places where I had been cracked open and left bleeding.

With this, I heard an echo as though to say someone stood right through my half dark room:

Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.

Trusting too much can be a knife that makes the heart bleeds and awfully, we only later on learn that a human being can break you in a few short simple words. Trusting too much can be a knife that makes the heart bleeds.

We are young; yet we stressing like we 60.

I lost a rose to the wind and for the love of a rose, the gardener becomes the slave of a thousand thorns. This feeling led me to a prison and only then did the voice re-echo this:

Darling, some prisons don’t have walls. Never run back to whatever broke you and if you’ve never felt your soul being torn apart then you’ve never loved anyone with all your heart.

Until you heal the wounds of your past, you gonna bleed for eternity. Bondage is alright with food and drugs but at the end, it will ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the pain that’s holding you in your past and make peace with the memories.

Another alarm from my phone and its 6am. The day indeed had long started as the rain that tapped on my windowpane brought me back to reality. I gently said to my own self and now am doing same to you:

If you never heal from what you hurt, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.

The worst wounds: the deadliest of them aren’t the ones people see on the outside. They’re the ones that make us bleed internally and the day your soul sees their faces or smell their memories in someone else’s stories and doesn’t bleed anymore, then you will know you have healed completely.

Life isn’t a matter of milestones but moments. A single rose can be my garden, a single friend my world and yours as well. This can only happen when you:

Let it hurt, Let it bleed, Let it heal and Let it go.

Feel free to leave a message or just talk if you need to. Kindly share and join the team. It can’t get worse than it already is. It keeps getting better. You sure won’t bleed for long like the bleeding blade and bleeding rose. Hang in there, Healing is on the way.

With love….LINA OBEN (Mayowa)


LUKE 2:10:     But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.

Growing up, I could identify that angels live in the heavens but later I got to realize that I was a little bit wrong- whistling and the experience was amazing- lord take me back ha-ha. Daddy also said angels were in human form too but I really didn’t bother much because to me, it was about the beings in heavens.

As I laid my head on my father’s lap, thinking about angels which to me were foreign beings, he said in a silent voice that always sent chills down my spine “Sparks, let’s get this story for the night. Things are not always what they seem to be”.

Angels are everywhere, just open your mind and heart to the signs because love is how you earn your wings.

 For some reason, daddy calls me “Sparks” which to me, is the most sugary name I got and still have (story for later). As always, if you are new to the team, go grab a seat and a glass of red wine- sniggering. It’s good for the soul. A big toast to you honey. Let’s get that story dad chitchatted about. I have said this story ten times over to a couple of buddies and I still can’t get enough of it.

There were two traveling angels: I literally love to call them “BIG and SMALL ANGELS”. After a long journey, the obvious stop was to find a place as shelter from the hard winter wind that wafted across the South. The lord ordered their steps to a mansion “extraordinaire”. While at the rich man’s mansion, they were given an unfriendly space at the basement littered with wet tatters and funny torpor that could get a baby scared at night as if to say a cloth was hanging somewhere. Despite the comfort upstairs, they had no choice- half a bread is better than nonehissing. While at nightfall, the bigger angel got so emotional and sealed up an open hole he found in the wall – kind fellow I must commend. The little angel got so perturbed with his actions but couldn’t do much, he was little after all. Thank God, they survived the cold night, it was a marvel. At dawn, they express gratitude to the rich family for such “amazing hospitality” and started off the rest of the voyage and before they realized, night was drawing near and they needed shelter- Traveling from the North to the East is wearisome you know.

Grace always finds us when hope seems lost. Looooook! The little angel screeched- a tiny thatched house. “This is where we find ourselves” said the bigger angel. Leaping happily, he led the way and there stood an old couple. Looking at them, they could tell the couple barely survived and had nothing- half bread is better than none. With this, they were welcomed and loved. The old couple offered their bed to the strange men while they slept on the rigid unkind floor. At dawn, the angels got up to the whimpering of their guest. Guess what? You sure guessed wrong – applauding-ha-ha.

Their only cow which had been their cradle of income and livelihood positioned lifeless before them. The little angel breakneck and pulled the bigger angel to an angle. “Why did you let this happen? “How could you?” The bigger angel replied “THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM TO BE”. At night, while we slumbered, an angel of dead came for his wife but instead I let them take the cow. While at the rich man’s house, I saw gold in the hole and concealed it so he can never get access to it. You see fella, things are not always what they seem to be.

Things are not always what they seem to be in life. God has positioned seraphim and cherubim at every point in our lives to help us get to our destinations and to save us and how we use them determines what life makes out of us.  If you thinking beings from ether are gonna drop right in front of you, then you sure gonna keep staring at the sky for a long while because in all honesty, we breathing among them.

The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to be beyond our sight but they are always looking down upon us.

The rich man would have been richer if he was kind enough to the travelling angels but he lost a gold well. Thank God, the poor couple were kind enough, the life of a human can never be measured to that of a cow.

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us and we only know them when they are gone.

Often times, we need to look beyond the ordinary to be able to appreciate the angels standing in front of us. They sure come in different forms. One of my angels is a man I love so much who literally is not my biological father but literally is my father- ha-ha. Flushed. This is for you “baby” as I call you. My mother’s brother:

Most people never have the opportunity to see an angel or simply do not look well enough to see them walking among us. This however does not mean they don’t exist. I’m one of the lucky few, not only have I seen angels, I have met them.

Life’s journey will sure throw stones at you and the billows will toss so high that your ship may keep pushing further into the ocean. In moments like that, take a deep breathe because:

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow’.

It is my earnest prayer that as you journey through life, may you be an angel first before finding an angel because:

Every man contemplates an angel in his future self and each of us are angels with only one wing and we can only fly by embracing each other.

To see an angel, you must see another’s soul. To feel an angel, you must touch another’s heart. To hear an angel, you must listen to both at all times.

The angel in Luke 2:10 was on a mission to deliver good tidings. Our different angels come with different packages wrapped together. It could be a friend, a wife, a brother, a husband or just something that makes you feel special. I pray you do not lose sight of this. While hoping and praying, have this as a gift from me to you:

Make yourself familiar with angels and behold them frequently in spirit; for without being seen, they are present with you.

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. May we always smile on ourselves and finally,

God does not only send special angels into our lives but sometimes, He sends them back again if we forget to take note the first time.

May God resend your angel if you didn’t notice the first time with these same words the angel in Luke 2:10  said “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.

As always, remain in the warmth of our Lord Jesus and receive the gift and blessings of angels.

Feel free to leave a message or just talk if you need to. Kindly share and join the team. It can’t get worse than it already is. It keeps getting better. Goshhhhhh- Did you see that- SPARKS from heaven. ECHOES OF AN ANGEL.

With love….LINA OBEN (Mayowa)



My dear Miss K.T, I do hope you are basking in the warmth of the Lord? I sure didn’t forget about your last email and the promise therein (For those who don’t get it, check my last post). As always, you definitely need a good seat and a glass of red wine– ha-ha. An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a glass of good wine, keeps your senses intact – chuckling. One of my girlfriend’s always says this:


I am by no means a relationship coach but what has to be said has to be said – chitterlings. Most women who will read this may feel hurt but remember it’s all about being an AWARD WINNING WOMAN. Let’s get it straight:

  1. I get lots of questions all the time: “Where do I find the man I want?” –funny right? It sure it’s funny but not at all. The type of man you want determines where you find him. If you searching for a pastor, get to church. If you want a doctor, at least have a friend who is one and who knows, you may get to meet his or her friends someday who definitely will be doctors too.

Let me digress a little to the men ha-ha, you not left out in this. I sure can’t do that- musing.

The king Solomon type of man will definitely need the Queen Esther kind of woman. Women with purpose and vision make themselves a little difficult to get – Before you ask?

If you want a career type of woman with the CEO type of mind set, my dear get to a paid conference – I repeat, paid conference. These women don’t settle for less. They are always traveling the world and soaring to improve themselves. Not like you won’t find other women in conferences that are not paid, you sure will but you will also agree with me that a young banker will definitely pay to attend a banking conference. Good things are expensive.  The bottom line is this: What you want determines where you find it. This to me is not faith but wisdom.

If you settling for a guy that loves “enjoying life” with no vision of tomorrow, sweetheart, hit the night club or bar dressed like a “show queen” and you sure be on the right trail.

Faith they say is taking the first step when you can’t see the whole staircase. Actually, wisdom is seeing the elevator behind it that would have taken you to the top.

  • Recently, a lady of 30 wrote to me stating some really painful stuffs. – I am by no means her age for I am far younger than she is but I think GRACE found me. She did mention her fear of losing her treasure on the basis of communication and trust.

Award winning women should always know that men respond to how you respond to them. Tell him a secret and trust him with it. This binds you both and he will be glad you entrusted him with something of value. The only way to trust someone is to trust them. There is literally no other way about it- Men love secrets. Love cannot make a home where lies and secrets are kept. Not telling your partner something on purpose is as good as lying.

The more secrets you keep the less opportunity you have for real intimacy.

Meanwhile, take out time to call your partner. He sure is having a stressful day at work. Pick up the phone and leave a message: “hello (whatever nickname you call him), just making sure you okay and don’t skip your snack and lunch. See you when you get home. Hugs and kisses”. That wasn’t difficult right? I guess so. This makes him know you thinking about him in your busy schedule. I really get a little crunchy like a cake when people say “I am tired and I can’t talk with you”. You must be kidding me. There is always time for talking. Do it over dinner together, take 10 minutes in bed talking about your day and everything (for those in long distance relationships, we sure will talk about you later).

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

Without communication there is no relationship, without respect there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue.

  •  One thing I love about Job in the bible is that he was my kind of man- hmmmm. He sure was wealthy and God fearing until tribulations came. To me, he didn’t have an award winning wife (I leave that for bible scholars). Things won’t always be smooth. The CEO you are with today may one day get up to an insolvent company or one under a winding-up process. A real woman stands by her partner knowing that things will always get better.

In my little interactions with women, no one really wants to suffer- FACT. Things may not always be what they seem to be. The ability to stand by a man when he has nothing will determine the respect he has for you. I have one principle I hold dear to my heart:

If you want to ride with me in a limo, you must be ready to take a bus with me when the limo breaks down.

  To the men, every girl seems glamorous but all you have to do is stand still and look stupid. As long as you are stronger than the burden you carry, you will always remain standing.

  • To my kind of woman: Inside every man is a boy who forgets he’s a man sometimes- Oh Lord my God ha-ha. Don’t get mad when they forget stuffs like taking the trash out, putting the toilet seat down, a thing you’ve said million times over. Give him a break. He’s a man and is self-conscious about aging but yet, he wants to feel what being a boy feels like and every boy gets into things not because he’s bad but because he’s got a curious mind and short attention span. Accept him as he is and they will want to become a better person.

Part of being a happy man is never to lose the boy within; the same goes for women- there is a spirit of a young girl inside no matter how many wrinkles edge the eyes. Learn to tolerate and live in the present not the past.

  • I recently told a girl to get a life, stop bugging a guy and stop assuming. She apparently “Killed me”. Don’t get me wrong award winning women. Men love when you have your own life. They want you to have your own set of activities and passion. If you have your life, it forces them to have theirs as well or risk losing you.

Go for a girl’s night out. Take a trip with the girls and allow him do same with his guys. Men find energy when they are with the “crew”. This will give you both time to find yourselves without assuming things.

Assumptions are the termites of relationships.

  • Generally speaking, men tend to pull from a logical place and women from an emotional place. That’s the sweetest thing in a relationship. If you can meet him at logic, he sure will match your emotions. These men are not prestidigitators. Tell him what you want and that ends it.

In relationships if you want anything said, ask a man but if you want things done ask a woman. Men are logic beings, women are emotional creatures

My dear Miss K.T and other lovely women, I do hope this helped a great deal. The men inclusive- lol. As a woman, you make your relationship what you want it to be. I hope the mail you sent was well addressed and if not, I pray the Holy Spirit teaches you what you need to know bearing in mind that:

Everybody is breaking grounds but you must break through;

Everybody is scratching it but you must scratch hard;

Everybody is going but you must keep going the extra miles as an award winning woman.

It sure can be easy through the help of God Almighty. It is my earnest prayer that in finding love and working towards your relationship, you will find God and your relationship will be one to reckon with. Through your relationship, others will be blessed.

 I pray that the men reading this find women of virtue and honor who will help them fulfill their glorious destinies as men. Remain in the warmth of our Heavenly Father.

Feel free to leave a message or talk and kindly share and join the team. It sure can’t get worse than it already is. It keeps getting better.

With love…..LINA OBEN (Mayowa)




Dear Lina,
I want to thank you for everything you have been to me and more especially as a woman of God. I feel a little bit worried about my life as a woman and more especially as I hope to have a family someday. I would love if you write about the principles a woman must adhere to in all ramifications. I hope to get a word from you. Thank you in anticipation.
Miss K.T.

As I slipped out of bed at unerringly 4am to this email instead of the traditional email I get from my best man every day at 3:30am, I mumbled a little prayer: “Lord what must I do”. Well, Miss K.T, I’m going to do this for you and for other women out there and I will be doing so in 2 parts. This is a springboard for part 2- tittering. It’s always better clutching to a seat and a glass of red wine- it’s good for the soul ha-ha and the chat begins:

Men- the serious ones I mean ha-aha because to me not all men are serious. I guess the king Solomon type of men sure know what I am referring to. Proverbs 31 points to a certain king Lemuel who literally was same King Solomon- giggles. Lemeul was just a poetic name whose mother- an award winning woman prayed him for an award winning woman- sweet. She sure knew the importance of having such a woman.

1) Being an award winning woman is really not about beauty and living a good life because no one is actually perfect but it is the ability to keep yourself and your home- The magic thing about the home is that it feels good to leave and feels even better to come back.
As an award winning woman, you must learn to make your home perfect and sweet. Give your husband all that he wants with love and respect as the head of your home.

The man maybe the head of the home but the woman is the neck and she can turn the head wherever she desires.

Make him crave to come home after a tough day at work. My ladies- Hope we are one on this- chortles. Men love fragrance. Put a little lemon scent all over the house making it look neat so when he comes in – hmmm. He sure won’t leave too soon.

2) A praying woman is a winning woman. Entreat for your husband to become the man God wants him to be. Start praying for your children even before they are conceived. A praying family is a moving family. What you don’t ask for can never be given to you.

Don’t leave your relationship to chance. Pray for Godly people to come into your life with whom you can connect. Don’t force relationships to happen. Pray for them to happen and when they do, nurture them with prayer.

3) Be industrious: Find a skill that brings more income to the family. Don’t get me wrong, I am a career woman- reveling and I celebrate hardworking women all day. Guess what- The economy gets tough sometimes. Lots of bills to be paid, the kids would need to go to school, your mum back home would need some care and all the responsibilities that come with being a woman. “Finding something to add to your regular income won’t be a bad idea would it?” Start a clothing business and before you know it, it sure will flourish. Trust me: Men love women who are proactive and diverse- .you get?. Yea you sure do. That does not mean those who are not proactive won’t find men. They will do but there are women and there are women – giggles. With this, you wouldn’t have to depend on a man for every single thing. You could build yourself a house if you so desire and buy your dream car – sniggering.

You got to run more than your mouth to escape the treadmill of mediocrity. A true hustler jogs during the day and sleepwalks at night.

4) An award winning woman accommodates people into her home, caters for them and has a heart of gold. In so doing, she brings blessing upon her and her household. She’s not scared of the crowd that comes into her home because she knows God will provide at all times. Her generosity opens doors of prospects for her and people call her blessed. Her offspring also become partakers of her bounty.

Be gentle to all and stern to yourself and you will be amazed at what comes your way.

5) My kind of lady: Award winning is the time conscious type. She ensures she finishes her task on time and doesn’t spend time on things which do not please the lord. Her home is always ready because she is ready.

Time flies like an arrow; fruit like a banana.

My dear Miss K.T and all other lovely women, I pray that these become part of you and help you in becoming the women you want to be. Backward to what I mentioned earlier, the second part of this will be coming in a few days in my second reply to your worries and I will base more on the relationship part till then, stay calm and prayerful trusting God at all times.
For those who are married and yet to be, I pray God helps you to be a proverb 31 kind of woman. It sure can be easy because with Him all things are possible. Stay basking in the warmth of our Father always.

Feel free to leave a message or talk and kindly share and join the team. We all need encouragement. It sure can’t get worse than it already is. It keeps getting better.

With love…LINA OBEN (Mayowa)

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